The Microbiology Laboratory

The Microbiology Laboratory is the major testing component of the National Standards Laboratory (NSL), and straightly complies with ISO 17025:2005 international standards in all laboratory practices.

Its major goal is providing quality microbiological testing services for the purpose of protecting consumer economic interest, verify producer claims, and ensure that product does not contain microbial contaminations.


Presently, the lab is seeking accreditation against ISO 17025:2005 as spelt out below:







Yeast & mold

Cereal, Food and water

ISO 215271&2:2008


Fecal Coliforms

Food and water

ISO 4831,2006;9308-2



Food and water

ISO 7251;2005;4831:2006


E- Coli

Food and water

ISO 7251:2005;9308-2:1990


Total Plate Count

Food and water

ISO 4833:2003;6222:1999


Food matrices

Food products received for analysis include; cereals, rice, gains, milks and milk products, fish, meat, drinks ( alcoholic, non-alcoholic, juices), water, flour, vegetable oil, palm oil, garri, cocoa and coffee products, spices, nuts, etc,

Testing services

Testing services provided by the Microbiology testing laboratory include:


  1. Enumeration of total colony count in food and water;
  2. Enumeration/detection of total coliforms in food and water;
  3. Enumeration/detection of fecal coliforms in food and water;
  4. Enumeration/detection of Escherichia coli in foods and water;
  5. Enumeration/detection of staphylococcus aureus in foods and water;
  6. Detection/detection of salmonella in fish, meat and poultry products;
  7. Enumeration/detection of yeast & molds in & food products;


Sample details

Samples brought in for microbiological testing mustmaintain its original integrity, and a minimum sample size of 350- 400 grams is precisely acceptable for analytical purpose; the integrity of the

Reports and results

Samples submitted for analysis at the microbiology testing lab are usually analyzed within 72- 168 hours (3-7days) depending on the parameters, quantity, and nature of test. 

Test result and reports are highly confidential and all customers’ identity is protected by our confidentiality bond.