The Metrology Laboratory

The Metrology Laboratory of the National Standards Laboratory of Liberia is major calibration body of the lab, and it also in compliance with ISO 17025:2005, international standards in all laboratory practices and maintaining a quality management system to ensure practices at a high standard.


Its major goal is providing calibration services to businesses and laboratories; thereby ensuring that customers receive a fair value of their money spent;


Calibration services

The Metrology laboratory of the National Standards Laboratory (NSL); is equipped to render calibration services in the following areas:


  •  Temperature, 2. Volume, 3.  Mass.


Calibration Matrices




  • Calibration of temperature measuring instruments.
  • Thermometers in range of (-200 degree Celsius to +2315 degree Celsius).
  • Verification of heating and cooling equipment (autoclaves, freezers, refrigerators, hot plates, ovens, furnace, boilers, etc.




  • Calibration of volumetric instruments such as, Burettes, pipettes, Beakers, graduated cylinders, volumetric flasks, standard measuring cans ( visual gauge),
  • Verification of dispensing pumps;




  • Calibration of balances and scales in range of (1mg-5kg)
  • Calibration of standards weights in range of (1mg- 5kg)
  • Verification of commercial scales in range of (5kg-400kg)