Consumer Education & Protection Unit

Through the assistance of the UNDP, former Minister Olubanke King-Akerele, was able to establish a Consumer Unit within the Ministry.  Formally, the Consumer Education & Protection Unit has been established within the Division of Trade Services in response to the persistent observation of complains by consumers and the business community and the need to respect, promote and champion consumer rights and education.  

In summary, the Consumer Education and Protection Unit is responsible to do the following:


  • Educate the public about their rights and responsibilities as consumers;
  • Provide a forum for consumers’ complaints and redress;
  • Promote consumerism with the commerce of Liberia;
  • Provide a forum for consumers to quickly contact the Ministry and have their issues resolved;
  • Liaise with other consumer organizations nationally and internationally to provide greater voice for consumers.

Morris Kumeh        
Mobile Number: 0886559224