ADDY, Axel M.

H. E. Axel M. Addy<br />
Minister<br />
<strong>Skype: </strong> axeladdy <br />
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<strong>Twitter: </strong> @AxelAddy
H. E. Axel M. Addy
Skype: axeladdy
Twitter: @AxelAddy
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Honorable Axel Marcel Addy has served as Minister of Commerce and Industry under Her Excellency, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf since April 2013. During his tenure as Minister of Commerce, Mr. Addy has redirected the Ministry’s core function to focus on: investment diversification beyond extractive industries to include investment in agriculture and tourism; empowering small and medium enterprises to formalize and improve their access to market, finance and capacity development opportunities; industrial promotion in agriculture for food security with emphasis in agro processing and value addition; and integration in the world economy through regional and multilateral trading systems.

In his current capacity, Mr. Addy serves on the following:


  • Commissioner on the National Investment Commission (NIC);
  • Statutory Member of the President’s Economic Management Team (EMT);
  • Statutory Member of the Board of Directors of the National Port Authority (NPA);
  • Statutory Member of the Board of Directors of the newly established Liberia  Revenue Authority (LRA);
  • Statutory Representative of Liberia to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);
  • Chief Negotiator for Liberia accession process to the World Trade Organization (WTO);
  • Statutory Representative of Liberia to the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL);
  • Statutory Representative of Liberia to the United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO);
  • Statutory Representative of Liberia to the International Standards Organization (ISO);
  • Chair of the Liberia Better Business Forum (LBBF);
  • Honorary Chair, Liberia Chamber of Commerce;
  • Chair of Trade Policy Steering Committee;
  • Chair of the Trade Facilitation Steering Committee;
  • Chair of the Liberia Business Registration Inter-ministerial Steering Committee;
  • Statutory Member of the Industrial Property Board;
  • Statutory Member of the Copyright Board.

Mr. Addy was first appointed to serve in Her Excellency, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Government in May 2012, as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. He was later appointed Deputy Minister for Commerce and Industry in August 2012.  Prior to joining government, Mr. Addy was Country Representative for Populations Services International, a leading social marketing health organization, where he served as the founder of the Liberia platform managing a multi-million dollar portfolio. He served in that capacity for four years.

Since acceding to the position of Minister, Mr. Addy commenced his rebranding agenda by redirecting and developing several initiatives that has led to: the restructuring of the Ministry; the installation of automated systems, the initiation of reforms in the inspectorate; the ongoing reforms of the procedures of import and export of commodities; the launch of the annual SME Conference and the launch of the Liberia Innovation Fund for Entrepreneurs to provide alternative financing to SMEs; the international entrepreneurial exchange summit; the creation of the Special Projects Implementation Unit to facilitate donor projects’ implementation; the development of the Trade Policy, Export Strategy, WTO Accession Strategy, the Ministry’s Three Years Strategic Plan, the Weld Liberia Program, the Rural Industrial Promotion for Economic Empowerment Program (RIPE); facilitated several missions to include private sector to Indonesia, India, Japan, China, US, and Europe.

Mr. Addy holds a Masters of Arts in African Studies with emphasis in International Development from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a BA in Political Science with emphasis in Public Law from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

Mr. Addy is a member of the Rotary Club of Monrovia and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He is married to Mrs. Fatu Addy.