Uk-Liberia Investment Outreach: Government Woos UK Investors to Invest in Liberia

Partial view of participants at the UK-Liberia Investment Outreach
Partial view of participants at the UK-Liberia Investment Outreach
Photo Credit: Minister Marvie

Thursday – London, United Kingdom 14 September 2017, The Ministry of Commerce & Industry joined a delegation to participate in the UK-Liberia Investment Outreach to present Liberia’s strategy for economic transformation, its plans for infrastructure development, and the promising emerging investment opportunities for international investors in infrastructure, logistics, energy and agriculture.


Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Investment Commission and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) invited the Ministry to make a presentation on the economic outlook and investment opportunities in Liberia. The presentation, which was done by Honorable Stephen Marvie Jr., Deputy Minister for Commerce, provided an economic profile of Liberia, one of the hotbeds for investment in Africa, and pitched catalytic investment projects in energy, water and ports. UK investors responded to the presentation with warmth and the desire to continue an active engagement with the Liberian Government. Participants urged Liberia to remain engaged with the UK business community, especially as BREXIT looms.


The Minister of Commerce & Industry, Honorable Axel M. Addy participated in a bilateral with the UK Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mr. Roy Stewart. The Liberian delegation also participated in a meeting with the Commonwealth Development Corporation, a British government organization that invests in small businesses in poorer developing countries in order to encourage growth, as a long-term route out of poverty. The CDC requested that Liberia transmits business plans for Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) – a key product in rubber value chain development, as well as cocoa, fisheries and support for innovative projects as provided for under the Liberia Innovative Fund for Entrepreneurs (LIFE).


Other members of the delegation were Ambassador Mohammed Sheriff, Liberian Ambassador to the UK, Honorable Dr. Clarence Monibah, Minister of State without Portfolio, Honorable Stephen Marvie, Jr, Deputy Minister for Commerce, Honorable George Wisner, Executive Director, NIC, Honorable Sam Russ, Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Land and Mines, Honorable Isaac Jackson, Liberia’s Representative at the Maritime Organization, Leila Kpukuyou, Secretary, Liberia Business Association, Marcia Sumo, an entrepreneur, among others.