Ministry of Commerce and Industry Awareness and Sensitization on Plastic Rice

Monrovia, Liberia- August 23, 2018--- The Ministry of Commerce and Industry inform the general public that last evening, the Ministry received report that there is an alleged sale of  ‘’Plastic Rice’’ branded United Grain-UCI with in the commerce of Liberia. The reports also alleged that, the plastic rice was produced and exported from India in April this year and will be expired in April 2021. Since the revelation of this information on social media and other platforms, there has been serious investigation by the Ministry to authenticate the information.


While the Ministry of Commerce and Industry wish to assure the public of the government commitment to protect consumer. The Ministry has put in place measures to identify and detect any such threat to the public. All rice importers have been notified to adhere to the standards and quality for the importation of rice.


As part of the process of acquiring rice approval, the National Standard Laboratory performs a periodic scientific testing and sampling of rice to ensure that the quality requirement is met.


All Commerce inspectors and LRA Customs officers are duly informed to alert the authorities of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as other relevant authorities about sub-standard rice being imported by Land, Sea, or Air. We will also appreciate any information regarding said rice on the Liberia market which may have been smuggled. Let’s help to keep our citizens safe and healthy. Please do not forget by calling the hotline to report any issues regarding the Commerce of our beloved country.


The numbers to call are: Lone star MTN 9911 or Orange number 6624.