Commerce Ministry Commences Regular Quarterly Nationwide Inspection

Ministry of Commerce and industry Logo
Ministry of Commerce and industry Logo
Photo Credit: ITSSD

Wednesday, May 22, 2019-The Ministry of Commerce and Industry wishes to inform the public, mainly the business community that    its regular quarterly inspection will begin on Monday, May 27, 2019 and concluded on July 10, 2019.

The inspection will take place daily,   Monday through Thursday from (9: Am to 3:00Pm)

The inspection is intended to provide protection for consumers and equally promote continuous compliance with standard regulations and ensure that   consumers receive the required quantity of petroleum products and other purchased consumable goods from gas stations and other relevant business areas throughout Liberia.

The inspection will be conducted in accordance with the Commerce Ministry’s General inspection Guidelines and will focus on the four (4) cardinal areas:


Specific business sectors to be affected by the exercise are:

Building / Construction materials;
Electrical & Electronic products;
Provision & Diary Products shops;
Stationary stores;
Video clubs; and
Motels, Hotels, Bars, Mini-Marts & Restaurants

As part of the inspection, the Metrology Division at the National Standards Laboratory will also carry out a routine Quarterly Gas Station verification, along with weights and scales at all relevant establishments, (such as supermarkets and butchery shop craps dealers).
The Commerce Ministry is therefore calling on the business community and all those concerned to cooperate with its Inspectors.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry has instructed inspectors and all concerned departments to ensure that the process is extended throughout the rural parts of Liberia to guarantee good health and safety for all Liberian citizens. The Senior Management Team (SMT) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry remains committed to creating a vibrant and reliable commercial atmosphere in Liberia.

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