Commerce Ministry Takes Part In CCCD Workshop

Partial view of participants
Partial view of participants
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Ministry of Commerce and Industry was amongst several other public entities that participated in a Cross – Cutting Capacity Development (CCCD) Project, organized by the Environment Protection Agency at   the Tubmanburg City Hall, Bomi County.

The workshop ran from May 23-24, 2019 and was graced by a number of line ministries and agencies of government. The workshop focused on Open and Transparent Discussions on Liberia’s Environmental policies.

The goal of the CCCD project is for Liberia to make better decisions to meet and sustain global environmental obligations. Realizing such goal however  requires that Liberia must   have the capacity to coordinate efforts, as well as best practices for integrating global environmental   priorities into planning, decision making and reporting processes.

The project also seeks to strengthen a targeted set of national capacities to deliver and sustain global environmental outcomes within the framework of the Sustainable Development Priorities.

It is highly anticipated that the end of the project, activities will have resulted in a set of improved capacities to meet and sustain the Rio Convention objectives.

“This project will further seek to strengthen and help institutionalize commitments under the Rio Conventions by ensuring an assistance and information between the local, national and global levels,” an organizer of the workshop told our staff.

There are increasing expectations that the  outcome of the  project  will equally  enable  Liberia  achieve global environmental benefits at a lower transitional cost as well as being able to respond faster and more appropriately to conservation needs.

Achieving these priority areas means that Liberia will improve access to best practices and best available knowledge, including innovative research and improvement of coordination, collaboration and delegation of responsibilities.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry was represented at the Cross – Cutting Capacity Development (CCCD) Project Environment Protection Agency workshop by Tiankie Eve Jones of the Public Affairs Division.

 Jacob N.B. Parley
Communications Director