Commerce Ministry - Qatari Delegation Hold Discussions

Commerce Ministry officials and QFFD members pose for the press
Commerce Ministry officials and QFFD members pose for the press
Photo Credit: Public Affairs

Monday: September 23, 2019: A   high- powered delegation from the Qatari Fund for Development, on Monday, September 23, 2019 held discussions with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Monrovia.

The Qatari development delegation is in Liberia for four weeks and has been carrying out assessment of Liberia’s development needs, through discussions with line Ministries Agencies and Commissions of Government.

Speaking during the meeting, the head of the Qatari delegation and Minister Plani- Hamad Mohamed Al-Rumaihi, said the visit to the Commerce Ministry, like previous other institutions of the Liberian Government was aimed at sharing ideas on how the Qatari Fund for Development can be of help to the Liberian people, by looking at their challenges and working together in finding solution.

“The purpose of our visit is to have conversation with the Government of Liberia and to understand what are your priorities concerning the Pro poor Agenda,” Mr. Hamad Mohamed Al-Rumaihi noted. Speaking further, Mr. Al-Rumaihi told the Commerce Ministry officials that the delegation’s primarily focus is on human capacity development, including    health and education. Other areas of attention, according to the head of the Qatari delegation are infrastructure   and economic development, particularly   the vulnerable, including the youth that are graduating from the universities to incorporate them into the economic circle and women who do not have the opportunity to participate in the economy of the country.
He lauded the Liberian Government and people for the warm reception, since the team’s arrival in the country and assured the Commerce Ministry officials of informing the Qatari Government about the outcome of their visit to Liberia upon arrival.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commerce Minister for Administration, Wilfred J.S. Bangura, commended the Qatari development delegation for including the Ministry on the list of line of line Ministries Agencies and Commissions (MACs) of the Liberian Government for the discussions. Mr. Bangura provided an overview of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, taking into account its mandate, structure and role in regulation commerce and other trade-related issues across Liberia. “We have many responsibilities and some of these responsibilities include promoting trade, both local and foreign, through practices that are in conformity with international best practices,” Deputy Minister Bangura added. He said the inception of the new team at the Commerce Ministry, under the watch of Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh, has witnessed frantic efforts    toward addressing issues that hinder free trade to ensure that business enterprises, small as well as medium have the opportunity to grow.

Commenting on other segments of the Commerce Ministry, Mr. Bangura described the Liberia Business Registry as the revenue generating arm of the Ministry, noting that in 2018, the Commerce Ministry was able to raise $US 3.5m dollars through business registration. “We have our major head office here that is on Ashmum Street, two satellite systems, one in Grand Bassa County and the other one is in Rivercess County,”the Deputy Commerce Minister for Administration observed.

He  also noted that  as part of efforts to  boost  revenue generation by covering the entire country,the Commerce Ministry has   made a  projection  of at least $US 7.1million dollars, adding that  the  recently launched modern   internet platform for the Liberia Business Registry will play a pivotal role  in realizing the projected amount.
Mr. Bangura told the visiting Qatari development delegation that the Commerce Ministry also generated $US255, 000.00 from the Intellectual Property and that the Ministry has made a projection of about $US300,000.

During the meeting, comments were entertained from other political appointees at the Commerce Ministry, including the Deputy Minister for Commerce and Trade Services, A.E. Nyema Wisner, Deputy Minister for Industry, George Wolo, Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration, Madam Jamama Wolokollie, amongst others.

The high-powered Qatari development delegation, accompanied to the Commerce Ministry by the Minister Counselor at the Liberian Embassy in Qatar, Mr. Ali Sylla, included the Minister of Plani and Head of Central and West African Countries Section Department of African Affairs, Hamad Mohamed Al- Rumaihi, Samer Frangieh, Mr. Fahad Al Dehaimi, Dr. Mohd Al Hajri,(Ministry of Public Health), Mr. Hamad Al- Shamari and Dr. Liaqat Amin.

Others are Mr. Khalid Al Yafei and  Mr. Abrahim Mohamed (Qatar Charity), Mr. David Muno of Education Above All, Mr. Selmenne Talbi of Silatech, Mrs. Naglaa Elhag, Mr. Nathaniel Heller of Geneva Global and Mr. Mark Reiff, also of  Geneva Global. 

The Qatar Fund for Development was established in 2002 and recently reactivated to ensure better coordination and monitoring of contributions made by the Qatari Government in priority countries and sectors. Such effective coordination is built around strong and timely research to ensure a relevant and impact-focused support and contributions.

Jacob N.B. Parley
Communications Director