Japan Donates 5,019 Metric Tons of Rice To Liberia

Japanese Donated Rice to Liberia
Japanese Donated Rice to Liberia
Photo Credit: Inquirer Newspaper

Tuesday: December 3, 2019: The Liberian Government has received a donation of 5,019 metric tons of butter rice from the Government and people of Japan

The monetary value of the donation is 321m Japanese Yan, taking into account that the exchange rate was 130 Yan to the United States Dollar at the time of signing.

The disclosure was made Tuesday, December 3, 2019, by Commerce and Industry Minister, Wilson K. Tarpeh, during a press briefing at the Commerce Ministry.

Prof. Tarpeh said the 5,019 metric tons account for 170,000 bags of rice, but upon arrival the total tonnage reduced by 2900 bags  as a result of short landing.

According to Minister Tarpeh, the available quantity of the 30kg rice that is being placed on the market is 167,000 bags.  

He noted further that the  Japanese donated rice is 1.2 times bigger than the regular 25kg rice currently being sold on the Liberian market, noting that each   bag of the rice will to sold for $US10.50(ten dollars and fifty cents).

Prior to the arrival of the 5,019 metric tons of rice, a  bidding was done by the secretariat, with the United Commodities Incorporated (UCI) and FOUTA Corporation winning the process.


The 167,000 bags of rice are therefore stored at the ware houses of the two rice importers from where the consignment will be released to the public.

The Commerce and Industry Minister disclosed that the donation of the rice is the result of discussions Liberian Chief Executive, George Manneh Weah, held with the Japanese Government during the 2018 Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD).

Meanwhile, Minister Tarpeh, on behalf of the Liberian Government and people is once more commending the Japanese Government for the donation.

“The grant by  the Japanese Government will undoubtedly help by putting some smiles on the faces of our citizens during the festive season,” Prof. Tarpeh added.

Jacob N.B. Parley
Communications Director
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