Paygar-Flangiah, Sr.


Mr. Paygar-Flangiah, Sr. was appointed by Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in December 2014 as Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration following the passage of the Small Business Empowerment Act by the National Legislature, thereby expanding the scope of the erstwhile Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Division of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Among other things, Mr. Paygar-Flangiah, Sr. is responsible for helping Liberian-owned MSMEs have adequate access to financial services and markets, facilitating transition of small businesses from the informal to the formal sector and promoting capacity development of MSMEs. He has background in finance and marketing and over 15 years of public financial management and fiscal/tax administration experience.

From May 2006-February 2013, he worked as Assistant Minister for Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, where he helped reform Liberia’s fiscal/tax regime to enhance efficient tax administration. He also worked at the National Bureau of Concessions (NBC) as Deputy Director-General with responsibility to monitor and ensure concessions compliance. In this role, Mr. Paygar-Flangiag, Sr. led a three-man Concession Review Committee which produced the first concessions compliance report and the first annual report of the agency.

Recently, he worked as Logistics Consultant at the newly established Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) where he helped set up the Logistics Division of the agency. He also worked as a Tax consultant with the Strategic Consulting Group Inc., a management consulting firm in Monrovia, where he provided financial/tax advice to businesses and individual clients.

In early 2006, Mr. Paygar-Flangiah, Sr. served as Adjunct Faculty at Rasmussen Community College, United States, where he taught “Introduction To Business.” He has also been an instructor at the College of Business and Public Administration, University of Liberia, teaching courses in Small Business Management, Retail Management and International Marketing.

Mr. Paygar-Flangiah, Sr. holds an MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Baltimore in the United States. He also studied in Liberia. His research interest is in how to grow and develop Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Liberia. He is married to Mrs. Wilhelmina C. Paygar-Flangiah and they are blessed with six children--four girls and two boys.