Background of IPS (Liberia)

The Intellectual Property System (IPS) of Liberia is made of the copyright and industrial property offices and line Ministries and Agencies of Government involved in intellectual property rights protection and promotion. These Ministries and Agencies are the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (marketability), the Ministry of Justice (enforcement), the Ministry of Finance (tax collection) and the Ministry of Labor (union protection/promotion). Prior to 1997, the copyright and industrial property offices formed part of the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS and were referred to the Bureau of Copyright, The Trademark Archive.


In 1997, the copyright office became autonomous by an act of the National Legislature, And in 2003, the Industrial Property Office IPO became autonomous. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has oversight responsibilities of the two offices.


The Ministry of Commerce Intellectual Property Advisors office coordinates Intellectual Property Rights Protection (IPRP) activities between the Copyright and Industrial Property Offices and line Ministries and agencies of Government to assure that artists, inventors, innovators and government benefit adequately from the marketing of intellectual property and artistic works.