Mobile Business Registration

This service facilitates the registration and renewal of business registration for businesses as an alternative to processing business registration documents solely at the Liberia Business Registry.


Mobile Business Registration is done using mobile team. A mobile team consists of a mobile registration team that moves from location to location according to a pre-planned schedule. Mobile team will include staff from MoCI, LRA, and NASSCORP.


Some of the Services Offered through MBR are:


  1. Registration of new businesses;
  2. Renewal of business registration;
  3. Registration of changes in registered particulars of business;
  4. Supply copy of the Business Registration Certificate;
  5. Provide advice on Consumer Education and Protection;
  6. Provide tax service, and
  7. Provide advice regarding social security number.


What is a Mobile Business Registration?


To operate a business in Liberia, you are required to obtain a business registration certificate from the Liberia Business Registry (LBR). The LBR is located on Nelson Street, Monrovia. Initial efforts were placed on streamlining the business registration processes at the LBR. Significant improvements have been made on the business registration procedures with registration taking place within two working days. According to the World Bank 2015 Doing Business Indicator, Liberia stands at 30 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of starting a business.


The Mobile Business Registration (MBR) is a process that allows businesses such as retailers, distributors, contractors, etc. to run their business across counties and districts using the Liberia Business Registry-approved business registration certificate, Liberia Revenue Authority tax clearance and NASSCORP social security number. Its intention is to help expand business registration opportunities to other parts of the country; to streamline and simplify the business registration process; and to reduce the cost for business owners and make it easier to do business out of Monrovia.


What are the benefits of a Mobile Business Registration?


The government is committed to working with county officials to support the success of the business community by reducing barriers to doing business.


There are many benefits of a Mobile Business Registration.


  • For Businesses: saves time and money by bringing the accessing the services where they are. The MBR reduces administrative burden, and provides a process for the formalization of businesses.
  • For Residents: increases choice and increases consumer confidence in government-provided services
  • For Local Governments: increases business compliance, reduces administrative burden, improves information flow between within government and increases ability to monitor compliance


If I want further information, who can I contact?


For more information, please contact the Liberia Business Registry: Abu Kamara, Registrar General, and Liberia Revenue Authority via Sampson Dee