Division of Standards

The Division of Standards was created within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in May, 1972 (initially as a bureau) for the purpose of quality control and measurement.




The statutory mandates of the Division of Standards are as follows:


  • Coordinate standardization and related activities at all commercial and industrial levels;
  • Prepare, promulgate, and publish national standards adopted from other countries and organizations;
  • Promote and encourage the maintenance of standards for the improvement of goods and services, processes, and practices in the Country.
  • Promote quality control in commercial and industrial establishments;
  • Verify quality through inspection, testing, and certification through the use of National Standard Laboratory facilities;
  • Regulate all weights and measures to facilitate fair trading activities;
  • Utilize standards to promote trade and safeguard the nation against "dumping" of goods of inferior quality;
  • Promote Metrology as a necessary tool to accomplish standardization; and
  • Inform policy makers on all standardization and other relevant technical matters which require policy formulation.

The above thus highlights the activities of the Division in the major areas of:


  • Standards Development;
  • Compliance;
  • Metrology; and
  • Testing

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