Division of Trade

The Division of Trade, once called the Division of Foreign Trade, is within the Bureau of Trade Services.  The Division of Trade is responsible for the operational trade activities, which are the coordination of imports and exports, responsible to coordinate trade fairs and provide trade reports. 

Primarily the functions of the Division of Trade can be summarized as under:


  • Promote, regulate and monitor international trade with respect to import and export activities;
  • Collect statistics on all imports as well as exports that are made available to us by means of Final Import and Export Permits as well as the ASYCUDA data collected from the Freeport of Monrovia. From these data, the Division is able to identify Liberia’s trading partners, the volume of trade with those partners and the trend of trade internationally, as well as the balance of trade statistics;
  • Analyze the collected data from the rural and urban areas to be able to facilitate local and international requirements as far as trade facilitation is concerned;
  • Ensure all goods imported to Liberia or exported from Liberia meet the requisite import and export procedures, especially having an approved IPD or EPD;
  • Ensure that all imports and exports meet the relevant licensing requirements established by line ministries and agencies (Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Development Authority, Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation, Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, etc.);
  • Provide trade information to the general public;
  • Facilitate and monitor both local and international trade fairs;
  • Collaborate with other Divisions in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry as well as other line Ministries and Agencies in regards to trade.

Nancy B. Gondeh
Email: ngondeh@staff.moci.gov.lr
Cell No.: 0886 574 935