Division of Inspectorate

The Division of Inspectorate is the largest division within the Bureau of Trade Services and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.  Staffed with one hundred and five (105) inspectors, the Division represents the Ministry across all the entire country.

The Division of inspectorate is headed by the Inspector-General,  who is assisted by a deputy inspectors, two (2) assistant inspector-generals, four (4) regional coordinators.  The regional coordinators supervised the four regions and several inspectors in the fifteen counties.  Some inspectors are assigned at the various border posts; thus, giving the regional supervisors greater oversight on not only inspection related activities, but the entire trade regime between Liberia and its neighbors. 

Consistent with the inspection mandate given in the General Business Law and the Act creating the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Division of Inspectorate is responsible to do the following:


  • Ensure that businesses operating within the commerce of Liberia are duly registered;
  • Verify if business registration certificates are conspicuously displayed as required;
  • Collect price samples for essential commodities (81 Commodities);
  • Ensure that all commodities are price-tagged;
  • Ensure that all expired and unwholesome products are removed from shelves and quarantined;
  • Inspect all warehouses and retail outlets for fresh and frozen products;
  • Enforce investment code;
  • Auction goods that are being smuggled;
  • Recommend fines for business entities in gross and repeated violation of the rules of the commerce of Liberia, as defined in the General Business Law.

Ms. Josephine W.A. Davies
Email: jwadavies@moci.gov.lr