The Liberia Innovative Fund for Entrepreneurship (LIFE)

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The Liberia Innovation Fund for Entrepreneurship (LIFE) is a private sector investment fund which focuses on developing and promoting innovations in the Liberian private sector by investing in capital infrastructure projects that promote the growth of SMEs and promote value addition within key industrial sectors.


LIFE also provides Seed Funding to support the growth and development of industries in local communities to provide employment opportunities to communities’ dwellers and improve their livelihood.


To this end, the LIFE Fund will initially support the construction of the 3 key centers in sectors where Liberian SMEs have a comparative advantage, if further strengthened, can lead to growth and development within the textile, rubberwood and “Made in Liberia” product sectors. Below are current projects under the LIFE Fund:


  1. Expansion of the "Liberian Marketplace" Trade Store
    18th November 2016 | Size: 238 KB | File Type: pdf
  2. The E+ Program
    17th November 2016 | Size: 255 KB | File Type: pdf
  3. The Lofa Women Weaving Center
    16th November 2016 | Size: 538 KB | File Type: pdf
  4. Providence Island Project Brief
    3rd October 2016 | Size: 40 KB | File Type: