Major Import Trading Partners

With the cessation of the civil unrest, Liberia’s import basket has grown increasingly over the years.  Liberia is gradually developing its productive capacities.  Liberia currently imports 99% of its needs.  Import volume of US$675,199,275.90 was recorded in 2013 and the figure is expected to rise in 2014 due to increasing dependence on imports, either to support industrial activities or consumption.  

The major imports to Liberia are:
•    Petroleum Products
•    Rice
•    Building Materials
•    Vehicles
•    Pharmaceutical Products
•    Machineries
•    Electronics
•    Spare Parts
•    Electrical Appliances
•    Stationeries

Liberia’s major import trading partners are Ivory Coast, Japan, People’s Republic of China, India, the United States of America, Turkey, and the European Union, the United States of America.  Given its import trading partners, Liberia will continuously seek good relationship with its import trading partners and will effort to join the multilateral trading system.


Country of Origin Country Abbreviation Total
Cote D' Ivoire CI 135,978,538.14
Japan JP 107,718,255.34
China CN 96,228,563.65
India IN 55,136,845.63
USA US 46,930,703.07
Turkey TR 25,225,256.93
Netherlands NL 13,739,811.57
Switzerland CH 11,734,696.27
France FR 11,419,372.72
Great Britain (UK) GB 11,190,018.87


Coubtries Materials Imported To
Cote D' Ivoire Petroleum Products, Body Lotions, Bleach, Gasoline, Hair Products, Cosmetics
Japan Machineries, Spare Parts, Used & New Vehicles, Electrical Appliances, Electronic Appliances
China Food (Flour, Rice0, Machineries, Pharmaceutical Products, Clothing, Footwear, Stationeries, Sanitary Wares, Kitchen Utensil, Building Materials, Spare Parts, Used & New Vehicles, Machineries, Electrical Appliances, Electronic Appliances
India Electrical Appliances, Electronic Appliances, New 7 Used Vehicles, Pharmaceutical Products, Food (Rice, etc.), Lubricants, Building Materials, Spare Parts, Kitchen Utensils, Sanitary Wares, Insecticides, Clothing, Stationeries, Footwear
USA Mineral Water, Beverages, Cosmetics, Electrical appliances, Electronic Appliancs, New & Used Vehicles, Pharmaceutical Products Food 9Rice, etc.), Lubricants, Building materials, Spare Parts, Kitchen Utensils, Sanitary Wares, Insecticides, Clothing, Stationeries, Footwear
Turkey Mineral Water, Food (Flour, Frozen Products,-Meat & Chicken), Machineries, Used & New Vehicles, Sanitary Wares, Kitchen Wares, Building Materials, Beverages, Cosmetics, Clothes, Medical Equipments
Netherlands Food (Frozen Products, Potaroes, Garlic, Fish, Onions) Used Vehicles, Clothing, Machineries, Footwear, Mineral Water, Spare Parts, Fertilizers, Building Material
Switzerland Used Vehicles, Toiletries, Clothes, Footwear, Spare Parts, Building material, Foood (Flour, Milk, Tomatoers, salt, Ground Nuts Oil, Yoghurt) Kitchen Utensils
France Food (Flour, Biscuits, Frozen Products, Sugar), Spare parts, Mineral Water, Clothing, Equipment, Dentifrices, Building Materials
Great Britain (UK) Spare parts, Machineries, Electrical Appliances, Electronic Appliances, 9Ear & Head Phones, Cell Phones), Beverages, Medical Wquipments, Stationeries, Chlorine, Building Materials


  1. Import 2014
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  2. Import Permit Declaration Form
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  3. List of Major Rice Distributors
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  4. Commercial Import Clearance Requirements
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  5. MOCI Conditional Imports
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