New Assistant Commerce Minister Takes Office

Assistant Minister of Commerce and Industry
Assistant Minister of Commerce and Industry
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The new Assistant Minister of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) for Administration, Alexander C. Wento has vowed  to ensure  that all those being supervised by him perform their respective duties with diligence.

Mr. Wento also said he would be a team player in order to ensure that the Senior Management Team (SMT) succeeds in executuing its statutory mandate to the Liberian people.

Assistant Minister Wento made the commitement Tuesday, December 20, 2022, during a fimiliarization meeting with middle level managers within the Bureau of Administration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at its Ministerial Complex Office in Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.

He also called for unity, apparently with the understanding that no human enterprise makes progress in the absence of togetherness.

Mr. Wento urged the various millde level managers whose supervision falls under his office to enasure that he is furnished with   updated briefings in order to help him have a better understanding about  what has been obtaining within their respectives departments,  with reference to achievements, prospects and challenges.


Mr. Wento, recently nominated by Liberian Chief Executive, Dr. George Manneh Weah and subsequently confirmefd by the Liberian Senate said he spent many years in the private sector,noting that the issue of government is like a new terain to him.

He however pledged to do his ultmost best in serving the Liberian people by working along with his colleagues at the level of the Senior Management Team.


Speaking earlier, Deputy Commerce Minister for Administration, Wilfred J.S. Bangura, said  the meeting was intended to oficially introduce Mr. Wento to the middle level managers under the Bureau of   Administration at the ministry.

Deputy Minister Bangura, speaking on behave  of Commerce and Industry Minister, Mawine G. Diggs said the fimiliaraiztion meeting could not be held as intially planned because the Senior Managememnt Team (SMT)  was awaiting Assistant Minister Wento’s confirmation by the Liberian Senate.


He said  now that the confirmation  process was over,with Mr. Wento now forming part of Commerce Ministry family,  he admonished the various directors and every other employee of the ministry to accord him all necessary respect and courtises   befitting   a government official of his status.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Wento- served as managing director of  Geblo Logging Inc and consultant  at International Consultant Capital,Liberia Civil Aviation Authority,etc.


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