Honorable Amin Modad
Honorable Amin Modad

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Honorable Amin Modad, Leads Liberian Delegation to WIPO General Assemblies in Geneva, Switzerland

Monrovia, Liberia — July 8, 2024 — The Honorable Amin Modad, Minister of Commerce and Industry, along with his team, has departed Liberia to participate in the 65th General Assemblies of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), scheduled to take place from July 9-17 in Geneva, Switzerland. The event will provide a crucial platform for advancing Liberia's trade environment and strengthening its position in the global trading system.

The statement from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry states that while in Geneva, Minister Modad will hold strategic meetings with key development partners, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Trade Centre (ITC), and WIPO. These meetings aim to develop Liberia’s trade environment and reintegrate Liberia more productively into the global trading system.

Minister Modad will have a working session with the Director General of WIPO to advance Liberia’s interests in supporting Liberian artists, artisans, and culture. The discussions will focus on obtaining further support and collaboration to protect intellectual property rights and enhance the creative industries.

In his engagements with the WTO and ITC, Minister Modad will aim to rebuild relationships and galvanize support towards value addition, developing Liberia’s standards system, and providing better and easier access for Liberian producers and traders to global markets. This includes efforts towards:

  • Value Addition: Encouraging local industries to add value to raw materials before export, thereby increasing their market value and creating more jobs locally.
  • Standards Development: Improving the quality and consistency of Liberian products to meet international standards, making them more competitive for global market attraction.
  • Market Access: Reducing barriers and simplifying procedures for Liberian traders, ensuring they can compete effectively on the local and international stage.

Accompanying Minister Modad on this trip are Honorable Garmai Koboi, Director General; Honorable Clarence Cole, Deputy Director General for Copyright, Liberia Intellectual Property Office; and Mr. F. Alphonso Y. Belleh II, Chief of Staff to the Minister.

Additionally, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, under Minister Modad’s leadership, has settled the WTO membership dues of $38,000.00 USD and the debt owed to the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) amounting to $56,000.00 USD. These settlements aim to ensure Liberia's full participation and capacity to receive more support through technical and financial assistance. This support will enhance trade infrastructure, build capacity, and promote sustainable economic growth and development.

The Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is a global partnership initiative under the WTO that helps least-developed countries (LDCs) integrate more effectively into the global trading system. It provides technical and financial assistance to build trade-related capacity and infrastructure, improving trade capabilities, reducing poverty, and fostering sustainable economic growth in LDCs. Contributions to the EIF come from donor countries and organizations committed to aiding LDCs in leveraging trade as a tool for development.