Check the status of your Import Permit Declaration (IPD) and Export Permit Declaration (EPD) below.


Loading may need up to one minute. Please refresh the site if problems arise. For Notes/Explanations see below. 500 IPDs and EPDs are displayed at once.


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Notes / Explanations:
  General:   Only the most recent 500 Applications are displayed, representing approx. one week





  IPD = Import Permit Declaration
EPD = Export Permit Declaration
TIN = Tax Identification Number


  If no TIN is displayed, then no TIN was indicated on the IPD/EPD

"IPD/EPD Number":




If not otherwise indicated by "EPD-", the declaration is IPD
The initial zeros that can form part of the IPD/EPD number are not shown.

psi = Pre-Shipment Inspection
fs = Final Signature


"Date/Time when Received at MoCI":


The date and time when the IPD/EPD is received at the Customer Service Center Window at MoCI; Each IPD/EPD will be recorded two times - once for PSI and once for FS (Final Signature)

  "Date/Time when Processed at MoCI": If IPD/EPD not ready yet -> "IN PROCESS"
If IPD/EPD is processed / ready for pick-up -> Date and Time when Processed

"Date/Time when Picked Up from MoCI":

If IPD/EPD not picked up yet -> "NOT PICKED UP"
If IPD/EPD was picked up, the time indicates the date and time when it was picked up.