Workshop on ECOWAS Regional
Workshop on ECOWAS Regional

Workshop on ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority Ends in Liberia

Workshop on ECOWAS Regional
Press Release: May 24,2024: The Executive Director of the ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority (ERCA) and Head of Delegation, Dr. Konan Simeon Koffi has expressed his gratitude for the strong coordination and partnership experienced while in Liberia.

Dr. Koffi also emphasized the importance of collaboration in drafting competition laws in the West African Sub-Region. He observed that effective legislation cannot be created in isolation of collaboration with others.

Speaking recently at the opening of a one-day ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority workshop in Liberia, Dr. Koffi highlighted that the input and cooperation of all stakeholders are essential to developing comprehensive and effective competition laws that promote fair business practices and economic growth.

He lauded the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the warm reception accorded him and delegation while in Liberia.
Also speaking at the program, the Resident Representative of ECOWAS Commission to Liberia, H.E. Josephine Nkrumah expressed the unwavering support of ECOWAS to the initiative.

Ambassador Nkrumah stressed the importance of establishing a competition framework and authority. She observed that such framework will play an essential role for promoting a competitive environment, ensuring that all market participants have a level playing field.

The Resident Representative of ECOWAS Commission to Liberia equally indicated that the idea is not only crucial for fair trade, but equally for the overall economic development of the West African Sub-Region.
Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, the Deputy Minister for Commerce, Hon. Wilmot A. Reeves, said Liberia was happy for being the host of the workshop.

Deputy Minister Reeves highlighted the importance of aligning Liberia’s competition policies with regional standards.
He noted that doing so will ensure a fair and competitive market environment.
The Deputy Commerce Minister added that the alignment would not only benefit local businesses by creating equal opportunities, but also enhance their ability to compete on regional and global markets.

He assured the participants of the Liberian government’s commitment to supporting the establishment of a robust competition framework in the country.
The program, held on 20th May 2024 was graced by relevant stakeholders.