Hon. Amin Modad at his confirmation hearing

Amin Modad, nominated as the Minister of Commerce and Industry, presented ten key priorities at his confirmation hearing on February 2, 2024, aimed at transforming the Liberian economy and business landscape. His strategic initiatives include enhancing the Ministry's institutional capacity to stimulate sustainable economic growth, and improving the legal and regulatory framework to support a free market economy. Modad plans to modernize and make the Business Registry more efficient, and reintroduce One Stop-Shop Business Centers nationwide in collaboration with key agencies, to streamline business processes and improve efficiency at ports and border points.

He aims to upgrade quality and standards infrastructure, establish a National Sanitary and Phytosanitary System to ensure product safety, and enhance the Intellectual Property system to protect local artists and artisans. The introduction of a Domestic Economic Empowerment Program is designed to boost the productive capacity of the Liberian private sector. Modad is committed to fostering a robust partnership with the private sector, facilitating a competitive domestic private sector, and leading reforms in the banking and finance sector to support critical industries.

Furthermore, Modad has vowed to avoid conflicts of interest by recusing himself from his businesses, ensuring fair competition and compliance with the government's reform agenda to empower Liberian-owned businesses. His confirmation hearing attracted significant attention from various stakeholders, reflecting broad support for his vision and initiatives.